Some of Utah’s largest exited founders, and venture capitalists are working in Tandem to invest in the next generation of top-tier founders.

Our newest partner: Jimmer Fredette

After spending the last 11 years playing professional basketball all across the country and the world, he is excited to leverage his global network to support some of Utah’s hottest deals. He plans on working with the founders we invest with to find LPs and other operators that can support growth. 

The Tandem partners are putting together a three-point contest for investors and founders. Let us know if you’re up for the challenge.

Reach out to for more details.

Meet our founding partners

Mckay, a VC guy at heart, and Alex, Divvy’s co-founder, have gone through fundraising, exits, and all the other pains of founding and growing a company. They created Tandem to be an investor-friendly firm built on SPVs, enabling quicker returns for investors and controlled exposure. By leveraging their experience, network of operators, and capital, they plan to tap the shoulder of the next generation of unicorns.