The Team

Mckay Dunn CFA

Mckay’s experience is in the traditional VC space–fund management, underwriting, and deal sourcing. He is excited to involve his network of top-tier investors, both institutional and individual, in the founders we invest in.

Alex Bean

Alex founded and built a $2.6B company, Divvy, in 5 years. He is excited to leverage his experience as an operator and his network of top-tier operators to support the founders we invest in.

Jimmer Fredette

Basketball has taken him all over the world. Jimmer played 11 years of professional basketball in the NBA, China, and Greece. He is excited to utilize his global network on behalf of the founders and companies we work with.

Zack Kerr “Zoob”

Both a prolific angel investor and Saas operator. Zac has operated and invested in companies from angel to B. Zac has gone through the full cycle on numerous companies and seen exits across various verticals as an operator and investor. He gets after it for our founders to help them on special projects and growth initiatives.  

Camden Bean

Coming from the operator side of the tech world, Camden has seen scale and growth and is dedicated to enabling the Tandem team to help the founders and companies we invest in.